Period Pieces

Kourtney Paranteau and I have talked about collaborating for years, but we’ve always been more full of giggle-fit ideas than actual determination to see things through. The world has thus been spared (so far) our bands “The Babies That Celebrities Make” and “Old Crow’s Feet” (an all-MIDI Sheryl Crow tribute duo, karaoke without the benefit of the lyric screen), among countless other questionable ideas. When Kourtney contacted me earlier this year about collaborating on a series of autobio comic strips styled after Cathy, though, I was determined to see it through.

Expect Period Pieces to run here biweekly. That is, until Universal Press Syndicate buys it out from under us. -Dustin

Kourtney Paranteau is like the Dennis Miller of women who write comics inspired by Cathy. She currently resides in Athens, OH, but thank G-d, not for much longer. She refuses to use any social media outside of Instagram.