Macho Alex: King of “The Funk”

Kids, man, fuckin’ kids. They do the weirdest shit. Given the chance and a tape recorder/modern equivalent, they will also record the weirdest shit (c/f Human Skab, Girls with Attitude, etc.), which is naturally a source of endless pleasure for folks like myself. I never get tired of this stuff!

Macho Alex is very much in the vein of the aforementioned, but not because of “similar influences” or whatever… it’s because he’s a kid, and kids are weird. His tape The Funk, recorded in 1995 and sold for $2 a pop to kids in his school, is a work of pure weird-kid majesty. Thanks to the good graces of guitar-goo conjurer Matt Baldwin (whose music also deserves inspection), The Funk is available on Bandcamp, as well as in a limited-edition cassette/CDR reissue. Macho Alex himself hand-dubbed/burned them!

-via Waxidermy

Dustin Krcatovich is a cartoonist, writer, designer, founder of FM DUST, and a collector of certain curios and ephemera (with a focus on 20th century "junk culture"). His writing and illustration work appears frequently in The Quietus, Tiny Mix Tapes, and Esquire's Culture Blog. He is also a former editor and contributor to Secret Zen Garden,Saagara's illustrated mindfulness/wellness blog for young people. He currently resides in Portland, OR.

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