Now It Can Be Told: Video Evidence of The Best Gig Ever

Amazing, just amazing.

This video, which just came to my attention this morning, captures about half of an utterly fucking cataclysmic Paul Flaherty/Chris Corsano gig which took place in Aaron Dilloway‘s basement in Ann Arbor in 2004. It was, and remains, the BEST show I have seen in my life, and that’s not saying nothing.

This vid, filmed by Chicago noise/improv titan Brent Gutzeit,  is of the latter part of the set, wherein Wolf Eyes/American Tapes dude John Olson was so overcome by the duo’s free gunk that he joined in on the action, engaging in a furious sax duel with Flaherty. What the video doesn’t quite capture is the wildness of the crowd, slamming around in almost-total darkness in a perfect moment of frenzy, abandon and complete disregard for physical well-being. I can’t remember who fell into Dead Machines’ equipment, but it looked like it hurt. I have been talking about this show about once a month since the day it happened over a decade ago.

Thanks to Eric Woz for bringing this to my attention. God, what a fucking gig. If anyone had video of Lightning Bolt playing that basement show with Wolf Eyes/Max Cloud/Whirlwind Heat in Kalamazoo in July (?) of 2000, I would never have to leave the house again.

Dustin Krcatovich is a cartoonist, writer, designer, founder of FM DUST, and a collector of certain curios and ephemera (with a focus on 20th century "junk culture"). His writing and illustration work appears frequently in The Quietus, Tiny Mix Tapes, and Esquire's Culture Blog. He is also a former editor and contributor to Secret Zen Garden,Saagara's illustrated mindfulness/wellness blog for young people. He currently resides in Portland, OR.

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  1. sans

    17.06.14 at 12:35 am

    Having heard about this gig from B-Woz before — and after showing him the vid he agreed it “seems way more calm” on the vid, which is kinda saying something XOX

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